About Us

Our brand “LOMIX”
Recognizing the company’s long history as a starting point for a better future, we aspire to develop and become an increasingly reliable partner for all our direct and indirect customers.
Passionately over decades, we have provided engineering products of Italian design and production quality to the global market, while creating contemporary Italian lifestyle surfaces with great charm and elegance.
Making full use of our experience and expertise, transforming hard work, skill and design talent into new concepts and trends.
We pride ourselves on providing solutions through a wide range of aesthetically, technically and economically excellent products for flooring, cladding and design elements serving the construction industry as well as leading architects and interior designers.
Similar to our products, our corporate culture combines different cultural business models, each with their own excellent core characteristics in order to create a better set of parts, assembled into a proactive, flexible, efficient, fast and innovative team.
We will continue to grow our business through continuous improvement while adopting sustainable practices in a socially responsible manner.
We respect the results achieved so far but are always looking to push boundaries and invest in innovation in manufacturing technologies, processes and products through research and development while ensuring the safest working conditions.
The core values ​​of our business remained as follows:
• An exceptional team of skilled, experienced and enthusiastic persons.
• Respect the highest environmental standards with a low impact approach as possible;
• Commitment and determination to deliver industry leading quality and service driven by Italian design.
• Integrity in doing things the right way simply because it is the best way.
You can count on us to be strong but also market leading business partners.

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